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Philip Strothmann

Philip Strothmann

student / Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU)

16 Sep - 16 Dec 2009

Philip Strothmann is a MA Student at the Freie Universität Berlin studying Public and Private Environmental Management. Over a period of three month he will be working together with the TERI Research Institute in New Delhi on a project that focuses on the pressing issue of E-Waste. According to the OECD, E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream throughout the world. A recent report by India's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research shows that E-Waste heading into India is increasing by 10% a year. Despite this, only a few cities like New Delhi have an E-Waste Management System in place. 
Still, the majority of the E-Waste recycling processes are conducted as clandestine processes within the unregulated informal sector. 
Bearing this information in mind, the project seeks to identify the effects and consequences of the implementation of the Basel Ban within the EU on the E-Waste sector in India with a focus on New Delhi. In order to answer the above stated question the project assesses the amount of E-Waste that went to India before and after the implementation of the Basel Ban (EU) and analyze afterwards, whether the findings correspond with the objectives of the Basel Ban. Whether a global implementation of the Basel Ban would have an overall positive impact on India or not, shall be determined at the end of the project.