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Basic IT Security

The implementation of, and compliance with, the basic IT security measures constitute fundamental components of the university-wide agreed IT security policy.  In cases of low to medium protection requirements of the IT systems, the basic IT security measures provide adequate protection to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data concerned.  Hence, they constitute the basis of IT security and the basis for further security measures to be taken.  Therefore, the notification and implementation of basic IT security is one of the core security policies. 

The basic security measures are laid down in the framework directive on IT security.  A distinction is made between two catalogues of measures.  First, there is a catalogue of basic security measures for users, and, second, basic security measures for IT personnel.  The term "IT users" is meant to refer to all employees of the Free University of Berlin, including all student assistants.  The term "IT personnel" refers to all employees of the Free University of Berlin whose work is, in whole or in part, related to the area of IT (e.g. administrators, application consultants).