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Basic Values of IT Security

Data processing systems must fulfil various requirements and conditions to ensure that a minimum level of security is ascertained in information technology.  Traditionally, these standard requirements include:

Confidentiality Requirement

  • Preventing data worth protecting from being accessed by unauthorised persons

Availability Requirement

  • Reliability and operability of IT systems 

Integrity Requirement

  • Integrity and completeness of data

In addition to the standard basic values of IT security, further aspects have to be taken into consideration.  The Berlin Data Protection Act (Berliner Datenschutzgesetz; "BlnDSG  "), for instance, requires that the following be assured in addition to the aforementioned basic values:

  • Authenticity: Authenticity means that data are traceable to their origin at any time.

  • Auditability: Auditability refers to process control.  It is deemed ensured if it can be verified how and when which data entered the IT system.

  • Transparency: Transparency is deemed ensured if the IT process is comprehensible to the respective specialists within a reasonable period of time and taking reasonable efforts.  In general, this requires an up-to-date and adequate documentation.