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Indian Students

Research Stay under Partnerships (MoU's)

Freie Universität Berlin has signed partnership agreements (Memorandum of Understanding - MoU) with University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), IIT Madras and University of Hyderabad about the exchange of graduate (students enrolled in Master's programs) and doctoral students. With a grant, a stay of 1-2 semesters can be funded. Please consider that the beginning and end of the academic year in Berlin and India differ. For detailed information (deadlines, application procedure and grant amount), we kindly ask Indian graduate and doctoral students to get in touch with their university's international office.

Research Internships

  • DAAD-WISE program: Students of a bachelor, double-degree or integrated program in subjects like engineering, mathematics, natural sciences who are from a list of selected universities under the WISE program are eligible for funding. This enables a 2 to 3 month long research internship at a German higher education institution like Freie Universität Berlin. Further information can be accessed here.
  • "Test-Phase": Indian graduates, who would like to receive their PhD from Freie Universität Berlin (please also see Gateway for Doctoral Canditates), can be invited by their supervisor for a "test phase", a trial period, which can be 1 to 3 months long. During the stay in Berlin, the main goal is to work on the research proposal. Applications are made through the supervisor.

Dr. Angela Merkel Scholarship (Scholarship for Graduate Students in European Law)

Law students are eligible to apply for the the Master's program (LL.M.) in European Law at Freie Universität Berlin. Application, selection, etc. are administered by the DAAD. Application deadline each year is October 1st.

Summer courses

Indian full-time students in Bachelor's or Master's programs, that include German as major or minor subject, are invited to participate in a writing contest by the DAAD New Delhi. The winners of the contest have the chance to attend a summer course at a German university. Application deadline is October 15. Further information can be acquired through Ms. Manisha Mudgil of the DAAD New Delhi:

Group visits

University lecturers may apply for group visits of 10-15 students for the duration of 7-12 days. The program is open for all disciplines. Application deadlines are February 1 (for trips beginning after June 1), May 1 (for trips beginning after September 1), and November 1 (for trips beginning after March 1).