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The Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies offers up to one year of research support at the Freie Universität Berlin and is open to scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on the period since the mid-18th century. The program accepts applications from U.S. and Canadian nationals, permanent or long-term residents. Applicants for a dissertation fellowship must be full-time graduate students at a North American university who have achieved ABD status by the time the proposed research stay in Berlin begins. Also eligible are U.S. and Canadian Ph.D.s who have received their doctorates within the past two calendar years. Fellowships are awarded for a period between ten to twelve months and must be held for a single continuous period. Approximately twelve fellows are selected. The number of reapplications for each fellowship category is limited to two.

The submission deadline for the next fellowship competition is December 1

Applications will be accepted as of November 1.

Start preparing your application early.

Read the Instructions carefully and determine how much time is needed for the preparation of your application.

Check the information in Eligibility & Forms. Start your application with the forms provided below.