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The 1950s: Edzard Reuter

Sein Jurastudium absolvierte Reuter in nur sechs Semestern. „Ich wollte fertig werden, ich habe einfach nicht geschludert“, sagt er.
Reuter completed his law degree in just six semesters. "I wanted to get done fast. I didn' t waste any time," he says. Image Credit: dpa

The young man is crouching on one of the few folding seats squeezed into the cargo hold, with coal dust and dirt everywhere. But it is the only chance he has, in one of these airplanes that supply Berlin with everything it needs from the air and take a few passengers along on their return flight.

There is no other way out of the city for him, the son of the well-known mayor. And he has to leave. He wants to attend college, undisturbed. Math and physics are his subjects, the Nobel Prize one of his goals. Edzard Reuter flees from the encircled city of Berlin in 1948. He is 20 years old and has big plans.

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