60101311 Seminar

WiSe 20/21: Pathophysiology: methods and findings

Dorothee Günzel


This seminar is a mix of student talks on currents topics related to pathophysiology in the context of bioinformatics and evolution and contributions from lecturers of the Institute of Clinical Physiology.

Further information on this seminar (location, dates): http://klinphys.charite.de/bioinfo/

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Depending on the wishes of the students the seminar will be either held regularly during term or as a block during winter break. This will be determined during the introduction at the beginning of winter term or via doodle.

Current program/topics (last term's program, respectively): https://klinphys.charite.de/bioinfo/3_k-pathophy-fromm/s_pphy_0.htm



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