Cancelled 30216 Graduate Course

SoSe 20: Economic Sociology: Global and European Perspectives

Christian von Scheve

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Term paper (3.000 words) or three essays (á 1.000 words)


Economic sociology deals with the social and cultural foundations of the economy, i.e. of economic behavior, institutions, and organizations. Whereas in Economics, social, cultural and historical factors that shape preferences are exogenous to most models, economic sociology places these factors center stage of its theories and empirical studies. This seminar shall serve as an introductory course to the sociological analysis of economic behavior, economic processes and institutions. It introduces students to the general notion of the “social embeddedness” of economic action from different perspectives and to key theoretical paradigms in contemporary economic sociology (e.g., networks, institutions, cognition) and central areas of application (e.g., transformation and globalization, capitalism, markets). The seminar proceeds in a micro-to-macro fashion. We will first discuss works focusing on a sociological understanding of economic action and behavior, for instance through norms and habits. In a second part, the seminar mainly deals with different conceptions of economic processes, in particular markets, and role that social networks and institutions paly in these processes. The third part focuses on macro-social arrangements, in particular economic systems such as capitalism, and their international comparison and historical development. Throughout the seminar, we will emphasize European perspectives wherever possible. close

Suggested reading

Introductory readings
  • Dobbin, F. (2004)(Ed.). The Sociology of the Economy. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.
  • Granovetter, M., Swedberg, R. (2001)(Eds.). The Sociology of Economic Life. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
  • Swedberg, R. (2003). Principles of Economic Sociology. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

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