24263b Practice seminar

WiSe 18/19: Planetenphysik

Kai Wünnemann, Heike Rauer

Information for students

StudO 2017 Modul MSc-GP013 "Planetenphysik" (V (2 SWS)+ Ü (2 SWS) = 6 LP) /StudO 2012 MSc Modul GG014: "Spezielle Themen der Geologie" : V (2 SWS) + S (2 SWS) = 6 LP)

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Informationsveranstaltung im Rahmen der allgemeinen Vorbespr. der Planetologie am 16.10.2018 von 11-12 Uhr, Raum D215 Seminarraum Planetologie (Malteserstr. 74-100 D)


Qualification goals: The students have basic knowledge of celestial mechanics, structure, construction and composition, as well as formation and evolution of planets on the background of geophysical observations and models. Contents: Overview of the solar system, celestial observations (Kepler’s laws, mathematical basics), phenotype and observations on the surface of planets, measurement of the surrounding fields (gravitational field, magnetic field), physique and inner composition of planets (mathematical basics), formation and evolution of planetary bodies, definition of the concept “planet”, thermodynamics of the planetary interior, energy balance of planets, energy loss by radiation, accretion energy, differentiation energy, tidal friction, heat transmission by conduction and convection, generation of magnetic fields (geodynamo). Arithmetic tasks (partially computer-assisted) for celestial mechanics, for gravity potential, for the moment of inertia of planets, for pressure and temperature conditions inside planetary bodies, for characteristic cooling time by heat transport.