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Fachbereich Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften - Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft Weizenbaum Institut

Research Assistant Full-time with the possibility of part-time (65%) limited until 14.09.2022 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference Code: DII-FU-FG13_E

Bewerbungsende: 22.02.2021


 The "Weizenbaum Institut for Networked Society" (see https://weizenbaum-institut.de/), which researches the interactions between digitization and society, began its work in Berlin in September 2017. The research program focuses on current and long-term social changes that are emerging in connection with digitalization. One focus is on the intersection of social, economic, and legal sciences with design research and computer science. Interdisciplinary research and the exploration of concrete solutions in practical labs are combined with knowledge transfer in politics, business and society.

 The position is within the Research Group "Digital Citizenship”. The research group deals with the question of how political and social participation is changing against the background of changes in the supply and use of online media. In particular, it examines the conditions for political participation at the individual level and asks which role values, norms, experiences and attitudes play in these processes of change.


 - Collection and analysis of quantitative survey data,

- Collaboration on project publications within the research group,

- Participation in activities of the Weizenbaum Institut,

- Communication with international project partners, especially in sub-Saharan Africa,

- Reporting of results and transfer activities,

- Collaboration on research proposals for third party funds for future projects.

 Hiring Requirements:

Completed degree of university education (Magister, Diploma or Master’s degree) in the field of Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Social Sciences.


 - Above-average and relevant university degree;

- Special interest in interdisciplinary work in a cross-institutional collaborative project;

- Affinity for team-oriented work;

- Interest in researching individual political communication or civic action in digital environments, especially in the Global South;

- In-depth knowledge of quantitative methods of empirical social research, especially survey methods;

- Knowledge in the use of relevant software for the analysis of quantitative data such as SPSS, R or Stata;

- First experience in empirical social science project work;

- Very good knowledge of English and good knowledge of German;

- Willingness for business travels.

 Working place is the Weizenbaum Institut at Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin.

 Subject to continued funding of the Weizenbaum Institut, an extension of the position is possible.


Stellenauschreibung vom: 10.02.2021