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PhD student (m/f/d) 67%-part-time job limited to 31.03.2023 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: PhD position in ultrastrong light-matter coupling

Bewerbungsende: 24.05.2021

Our research group is interested in the optical properties of nanoscale materials and light-matter interaction in nanosystems.

Job description:
A PhD positions is available in the ERC research project DarkSERS. This position will work on the physics of polaritons in the regime of strong and ultrastrong light-matter coupling. We want to fabricate polaritonic devices out of plasmonic supercrystals and two-dimensional semiconductors, measure polariton excitation and propagation, and utilize them for devices. The project will require working with various forms of optical spectroscopy and microscopy in the far- and near-field. The preparation of the artificial materials is done in collaboration with research groups that specialize on the synthesis of supercrystals and exfoliate two-dimensional materials for nanofabrication. Part of the project will require working on device design and implementation. We are looking for candidates who want to contribute to this cutting edge research line in a lively and multidisciplinary team. You should have a background in advanced spectroscopy, solid-state physics, or certain areas of nanomaterials, see detailed description below.

MSc in physics, materials science, or a related field.

Excellent command of English.
We will evaluate application from various subfields. You should have experience in condensed-matter or materials physics and optical spectroscopy. Highly desired is proven experience in one or more of the following areas: Experiments on strong and ultrastrong light-matter coupling, near-field microscopy, microabsorbance spectroscopy, fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional materials, nanoplasmonics, construction and validation of optical setups.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Stephanie Reich (reich@physik.fu-berlin.de / 56162).

Stellenauschreibung vom: 11.04.2021