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Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie - Institut für Biologie Neurobiologie

Research assistant (m/f/d) with 65%- part-time job limited to 30.06.2024 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU reference code: WiMi_vonKleist_2021_Interaktionsdynamik_0421901104

Bewerbungsende: 03.05.2021

Job description:.
In the framework of the DFG project "Neuronal Interaction Dynamics During Neural Circuit Assembly", we are looking for a dedicated researcher working on the modeling of neuronal growth and wiring processes during brain development. In particular, the candidate will analyze time-resolved 2-photon microscopy data, derive parameters into stochastic neuronal growth models. For this purpose, run-time optimized computer programs shall be further developed to simulate the neuronal growth processes. The successful candidate will be expected to make a theoretical and applied contribution to the above problem and to publish the results in peer-reviewed journals and at conferences. The opportunity for doctoral studies is given.
References relating to the topic: PMID: 31353313, 32165611, 26119341

Major in bioinformatics or systems biology or related field (natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, physics)

We are looking for a talented and dedicated individual with good programming skills in at least one script-based language (Matlab, Python, R). Experience in biomedical data science and neurology is desired. Experience in machine learning is beneficial. Openness to collaborate with experimental colleagues is expected. Demonstrated competencies in bioinformatics or systems biology are desired, as is the ability to competently engage in interdisciplinary and international collaborations. A good command of English is desirable.

Stellenauschreibung vom: 11.04.2021