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Research assistent (PhD-candidat) 67%-part-time job limited to 3 Jahre Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Kennung: Klinger 003-2019

Bewerbungsende: 03.02.2020

One major research topic in the Klinger lab "Polymer Colloids & Nanomaterials" is the development of polymeric nanoparticles for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. Special focus are "intelligent" particles that can change their properties in response to an external stimulus. In order to tailor these particles for specific therapeutic applications, we are working on the interface between polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, and colloidal chemistry: The starting point is always the molecular design of functional monomers and their integration into complex polymer systems. On this basis, control of the internal and external structure of the nanoparticles is of specific interest to us. The combination of chemical (molecular) and structural (colloidal) functionality enables the development of polymeric nanoparticles for a variety of biomedical applications, including drug delivery, bio-catalysis, and bio-mimetic structures.

Job description:
- Working on a research project for a PhD thesis/doctoral dissertation
- Participation in research projects regarding the synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanoparticles as drug delivery systems
- Participation in teaching (fluent German language skills required)
The candidate will be actively involved in the development of amphiphilic polymeric nanogels for pharmaceutical drug delivery applications. Based on amphiphilic aliphatic polycarbonate networks, these new biodegradable colloidal materials will enable the tunable loading and release of hydrophobic compounds. While conventional overall hydrophilic nanogel delivery systems are limited to hydrophilic cargoes, this concept will open up new therapeutic options for the delivery of hydrophobic drugs. Our approach will enable precise adjustment of nanogel amphiphilicity to different hydrophobic cargoes without affecting the colloidal features (size, shape, crosslinking) of the nanogel carrier. As a result, the carrier system to be developed will, in future, enable an ideal comparability between therapeutic efficiencies of different nanogel-drug combinations. For this purpose, the properties of the particles can be specifically designed to the needs of different biological targets: On one hand, we are developing new nanoparticles to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. On the other hand, we are studying nanogels for the transport of hydrophobic drugs into complex biological barriers, such as the skin/mucosa.
To realize such particles, concepts from synthetic macromolecular chemistry are combined with methods of colloidal chemistry and self-organization. This includes the synthesis and characterization of (macro) molecular building blocks, their assembly into nanoparticles, the characterization of the resulting colloidal materials, and the demonstration of the respective macroscopic function (also in the biological context).

The research project grants the opportunity for a doctorate.


- Completed university degree (Master, Diploma) in chemistry, polymer science, materials science or closely related fields

- Very good to excellent university degree
- Ability to independently work on a research project
- Experience in conducting goal orientated research and structuring research tasks
- Excellent ability to work in a team and enthusiasm for cooperative work
- Sound knowledge and practical expertise in organic chemistry / polymer chemistry / colloidal chemistry
- Teaching experience in organic chemistry and/or pharmaceutical chemistry
- Excellent English language skills and fluent German language skills

You are highly interested in multidisciplinary research and are motivated to independently engage with complex topics? Additionally, you are proactive and are able to solve problems together with co-workers in a team? You are able to investigate ideas and hypotheses through practical experiments, thereby advancing research projects? Furthermore, you enjoy presenting your work and are able to promote this with fluent English language skills in a professional international environment?
If these points match your profile, we would be happy to hearing from you.

For further information please contact Mr. Herr Prof. Dr. Daniel Klinger (daniel.klinger@fu-berlin.de / 838-60001).

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