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Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie - Institut für Pharmazie

Research Assistant (Praedoc) (m/f/d) 1/2-part-time job Limited to 3,5 years Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: 21411500/23/21

Bewerbungsende: 15.06.2021

In the Klinger Lab, we focus on the development of nano-structured polymeric materials and colloids with dynamic and responsive properties. Our research is inspired by nature's outstanding ability to create very specific (macroscopic) functions through molecular and structural design. To approach similar levels of control in synthetic materials, we work on multiple length scales: Starting from the rational design of molecular units, we develop well-defined polymeric architectures and control their self-assembly into ordered superstructures. Additionally, we focus on the use of confinements to create additional elements of hierarchy. The synergy between chemical and structural functionality allows the development of polymeric nanoparticles and -materials for a broad variety of applications.

Job description:
- Working on a research project for a PhD thesis/doctoral dissertation
- Participation in research projects regarding the synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanoparticles: Controlling (macroscopic) functionality by tuning internal morphology and overall shape
- Participation in teaching (fluent German language skills required)
- The candidate should actively participate in research projects in the Klinger Lab. Especially, the development of polymeric nanoparticles with well-defined shapes and internal morphologies should be addressed. For this, concepts from synthetic macromolecular chemistry should be combined with methods from the fields of colloidal chemistry and self-assembly. This includes synthesis and characterization of (macro-)molecular building blocks, their assembly into nanoparticles, characterization of the colloidal materials, and investigations on the resulting macroscopic functionality.

- Completed university degree (Master, Diploma, State examination) in chemistry, materials science, pharmacy or closely related fields

- Very good to excellent university degree
- Ability to independently work on a research project
- Experience in conducting goal orientated research and structuring research tasks
- Excellent ability to work in a team and enthusiasm for cooperative work
- Sound knowledge and practical expertise in organic chemistry / polymer chemistry / colloidal chemistry
- Teaching experience in organic chemistry and/or pharmaceutical chemistry
- Excellent English language skills and fluent German language skills
- You are highly interested in multidisciplinary research and are motivated to independently engage with complex topics.
- You enjoy presenting your work with fluent English language skills in a professional

For further information, please contact Mr. Prof. Dr. Daniel Klinger (daniel.klinger@fu-berlin.de / 838-60001).

Stellenauschreibung vom: 24.05.2021