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DRS Postdoc Fellowships (2011-2019)

DRS Postdoc Fellowships

DRS Postdoc Fellowships

The DRS Postdoc Fellowships have been a great success: 150 highly qualified DRS Postdoc Fellows from various disciplines and over 30 countries have come to Berlin to build networks and to establish themselves with their own research direction. Freie Universität was the first German university to succeed in establishing fellowships for international and national postdocs co-funded by the European Commissions COFUND program and the German Research Foundation’s Excellence Initiative.

The following fellowship lines have been managed by Dahlem Research School during 2011-2019:

DRS HONORS Fellowship (2011-19)
DAHLEM POSTDOC Fellowship (2017-19)
DRS POINT, Grant agreement ID: 608829 (2013-18)
DRS FELLOWSHIP, Grant agreement ID: 267228 (2011-15)

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