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Dahlem Postdoc Fellowships 2017

Call for applications, deadline: March 15, 2017

News vom 18.01.2017

With the DAHLEM POSTDOC FELLOWSHIPS the Dahlem Research School (DRS) of Freie Universität Berlin provides funding for highly qualified postdoctoral fellows with at least six months of international research experience to conduct their own research within one of the university’s outstanding collaborative research projects or its so-called ‘Focus Areas’. In addition, international research stays are supported in order to allow researchers to build up a full year of international research experience by the time they complete their fellowship.
This year, the Dahlem Research School offers 15 Dahlem Postdoc Fellowships (deadline March 15, 2017).
Each research fellowship will be awarded for 14 months. Applicants must submit a project plan based on the research fields/key topics of the participating host research projects of Freie Universität Berlin. For further information about the program, the general application procedure, eligibility criteria etc., please visit the website of the Dahlem Research School and/or contact the DRS team.

Information for candidates applying for a fellowship at the Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC)

Possible projects at the Dahlem Humanities Center
The DHC serves as a host institution for Dahlem Postdoc Fellows, welcoming projects which are anchored in one or more disciplines of Freie Universität's two ‘departments’ in the Humanities: the Department of Philosophy and Humanities and the Department of History and Cultural Studies. For an overview on the institutes and disciplines please visit the websites.

STEP 1: Check your eligibility.
Before starting making contacts with potential academic advisors and your host institution, make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria. In case of doubt, please contact the Dahlem Research School Fellowship Team: fellowship-drs@fu-berlin.de.

STEP 2: Find your Scientific/Academic Advisor at Freie Universität.
If you find you meet the eligibility criteria, and would like to have the DHC as your host institution, you will need an academic (scientific) advisor. Your academic advisor has to be a professor in the humanities at Freie Universität Berlin (i.e. at one of the Departments in the Humanities, see above) who is willing to support your project and who is ready to serve as a mentor during your fellowship. To enable your potential advisor to make a decision, send her/him the outline of your project and your CV in addition to a short explanation of this program. (Do not expect all professors to be familiar with this program. You are very welcome to refer to the DRS’s and this website, of course.) There are no administrative obligations linked to being an academic advisor.
Please note that your advisor may be, but does not have to be a member of the DHC. Neither one nor the other is of advantage or disadvantage for your application. Your academic compatibility with your advisor is paramount.
Please also note that, for reasons of fairness, and since the DHC is partly involved in the selection process, we cannot further advise applicants on their research topics
and/or possible advisors. Applicants are responsible for establishing the necessary contacts.

STEP 3: Secure your Declaration of Commitment.
Your advisor needs to confirm her/his support by signing the Declaration of Commitment (the form can be downloaded on the website of the Dahlem Research School).

STEP 4: Forward signed Declaration to DHC.
Once your academic advisor has signed the declaration (an electronic signature will suffice), please send it – together with your project summary – to Katja Heinrich and Maraike Di Domenica at the Dahlem Humanities Center (admin@dhc.fu-berlin.de) in order to collect the second necessary signature -  i.e. the signature of the "Director of Collaborative Research Project" (in your case the DHC's director or vice director). If the DHC agrees on serving as your potential host institution, the Declaration of Commitment will be sent back to you with the second signature. The declaration then needs to be uploaded to the DRS application platform together with your application documents. Please note that the Dahlem Humanities Center does not forward any documents to the DRS.

Please note that the signed declaration by your advisor needs to have reached us by March 9, 2 pm CET.

Only then, feedback by March 14 – and thus before the end of the deadline – can be guaranteed. You therefore should contact your advisor early enough. We make our best efforts to reply to every request ASAP, but we ask for your understanding that it might take up to a week.


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