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Omri Ben Yehuda

Omri Ben-Yehuda

Omri Ben-Yehuda

Fellow im Rahmen des Minerva (Max-Planck Gesellschaft) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Juli 2017 – Juni 2019

Mann's Joseph: Judaism and Humanism

This research examines Thomas Mann's literature via the lenses of postcolonial theory, theory of nationalism and Zionism. It challenges Mann's greatest endeavor, that of adding a humanistic and psychological dimension to the experience of mythos.

Omri Ben Yehuda is Minerva Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for German Philology at Freie Universität Berlin and the head of the research group Gaza: Towards the Landscape of an Israeli Hetrotopia at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. His work focuses on Jewish literatures in German and Hebrew, Mizrahi Israeli literature, Holocaust literature and postcolonial studies. His postcolonial reading of Kafka's "A Hunger Artist" was recently published in the latest issue of Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte and his cultural reading of Kafka and Buster Keaton's filmography was published in Mediamorphosis: Kafka and the Moving Image. He also published extensively on Mizrahi literature, S.Y. Agnon and Ch.N. Bialik. His book The Speech Act of Kafka and Agnon will be published in 2018 with Mossad Bialik Publishers. Omri is currently working on his second book Auseinandergeschrieben: The Collapse of Storytelling in Modern Jewish Literature, to be published by The Hebrew University Magnes Press. 


Kontact: obenyehuda@hotmail.com