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Vortrag: Accenture Interactive "Distributed Teams"

07.05.2021 | 13:45 - 14:30

Distributed Software Delivery used to be around cost savings, V-Model, IT standardization and outsourcing. That was in the 2000s. Today - 20 years later - it is very different setup. Software Teams are agile, distributed and autonomous, because there are barely enough educated and experienced Technologists (or Digital Natives) around, to fulfil the demand for digital products.

Dino will share data and personal experience around the change of distributed software development throughout the last 20 years. He will cover the changes in client's perspectives and motivations, economic aspects and touch impact on society. Part of that change journey are advances in technology (bandwidth, latency & collaboration tools) and in methods (autonomy of teams, value breakdown structures and feedback loops).

Zoom-Meeting beitreten, 13:45 Uhr am 07.05.2021

Meeting-ID: 850 2580 0033
Kenncode: 515316

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Dino Frese

Dino is a husband and father of two daughters. He lives in Cologne and loves (rock) music, handball and cars. Dino started his professional career in 2004 after studying computer science at RWTH Aachen. He joined Accenture and gathered many different experiences as a Consultant in Custom Solutions, Team-, Project-, and Program-Management, IT Infrastructure, Outsourcing and ITIL. He joined ThoughtWorks in 2014 to focus on agile software delivery and support growth of the German business. Since May 2019 Dino is back at Accenture Interactive to realise really cool user-experiences for his clients and create a diverse and inclusive work environment with his colleagues.