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DAAD Youtube-Kollaboration: A Day in the Life of a Student in Germany

News vom 28.08.2020

The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) is collaborating with the YouTube channel Bharat in Germany for the series ‘A Day in Life of a Student in Germany’ where international students show their daily lives while studying in different German universities. 

We are currently looking for international students from different countries who could become a part of our collaboration with DAAD and as a part of it, also talk about their experience of studying in Germany in their specific universities.

    • The series is planned to be launched in the month of October and it will go on until January 2021. 
    • The idea of the series is to feature students from different German universities and from different nationalities who show their student life in Germany in the form of a video which will be uploaded on the YouTube channel with the title ‘A Day in The Life of a student in Germany’. 
    • A total of 16 videos are planned for which DAAD and Bharat will be selecting 16 international students from different nationalities and universities all across Germany. 
    • The videos will also be promoted by Study in Germany on their social media channels. 
    • DAAD will also support the students who take part in the series with a ‘Certificate of Accomplishment’. 

The casting for the series will be done in the following format:

  • Any international student who is interested to take part in the series has to submit a 1-2 minute video where they give a small introduction about themselves. They should upload the video on YouTube as “unlisted” and send the link to garima@bharatingermany.com
  • The DAAD and Study in Germany team along with Bharat in Germany team will select the student for the final video together. 
  • The student will then be given some information about the format of the videos
  • Since  the episode should be as authentic as possible, there are no hard or fast rules that the student has to follow or say. Only some guidelines will be given that will help the students in organizing the content of the video. The student just has to talk about their day and meanwhile show various activities that they undertake in a day. This can range from waking up and attending classes online to fitness activities, hobbies, student committees etc. 

Important things to note:

    • No fancy recording equipment is required for video production. Many students who were featured on the 1st season used a simple camera phone. The students are also not required to do the editing as we will take care of that. 
    • The student also needs to submit the introduction video within 3 days of receiving this email and once selected, the final within 5 days.
    • After the videos have been published, DAAD will publish a certificate of accomplishment for the student. 
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