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JPI MYBL: Call 2020 "Equality and Wellbeing across Generations (EWG)"

News vom 24.06.2020

Equality and Wellbeing across Generations (EWG) is a joint transnational call for proposals. With major demographic change taking place across Europe and Canada, we are inviting researchers to submit proposals that explore: 

  • How demographic change is altering the implicit contract between generations?
  • How policy can ensure that change results in a reduction in inequality?

More specifically, this call is focused on three aspects of inequality. Proposals may choose to focus on one, two or all three of these topics:

  1. Income and wealth
  2. Caring responsibilities
  3. Social and political participation

In addressing these topics we expect proposals to pay particular attention to cross-cutting issues of gender, cultural background and socio-economic background, all of which have a major bearing on inequalities. Proposals should consider the inclusion of one, two or all three of these issues in their research as an absolute requirement.

Termin: 14.09.2020
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