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Justus von Liebig-Preis für Welternährung der Stiftung fiat panis

News vom 07.02.2017

The Foundation fiat panis is calling for nominations for the Justus von Liebig-Award for World Nutrition for outstanding achievements in the fight against hunger and poverty. The prize will be awarded to people or institutions which have made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of world nutrition or to alleviate the consequences of under- and malnutrition.The prize is endowed with 25,000 Euro. It will be awarded in an undivided manner and presented at a ceremonial event in autumn 2019.

The following areas are of particular interest:

  • scientific contributions to research and teaching in the field of agricultural or nutritional sciences and related disciplines,
  • entrepreneurial and organizational services,
  • achievements of a humanitarian nature,
  • contributions to the communication of world food problem and possible solutions.
Termin: 30.04.2019 (Nominierung)
Adresse: Stiftung fiat panis, Syrlinstr. 7, 89073 Ulm
Kontakt: Dr. Andrea Fadani, Tel.: 0731/935150, info@stiftung-fiat-panis.de
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