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AXA Research Fund - Chair campaign

News vom 12.09.2018

The AXA Research Fund is the scientific philanthropy initiative of the AXA Group created in 2007. Its mission is to support academic institutions hosting outstanding researchers committed to improving people’s life by carrying out cutting-edge and innovative research dealing with global societal challenges related to Health, New Technologies, Environment and Socio-Economics.

Through the AXA Chairs of Excellence, the AXA Research Fund intends to help major research institutions to create Chairs. The selection process of the AXA Research Fund is placed under the supervision of a Scientific Board whose mission is to ensure:

  • the excellence of research institutions, labs and scientists supported by AXA;
  • the transformational nature of the research initiative;
  • the robustness of funded teams and Institutions.
Adresse: AXA Research Fund, 25 Avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris, France
Kontakt: Tel.: +33 1 40 75 56 71
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