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Schwerpunktprogramm 2206: Cooperative Multilevel Multistable Micro Actuator Systems (KOMMMA)

News vom 31.07.2018

The ongoing miniaturisation and the increasing demands on the functionalities of microsystems generate an urgent need for innovative approaches to control, for example, mechanics, optics or fluidics on a micrometer scale. An important prerequisite is the smart coupling of distributed microactuators into a cooperative synergetic actuation system. This opens the opportunity to generate new functionalities and thereby to tackle complex actuation tasks comprising combinations of force, displacement and dynamics that have not been possible until now. To date, various microactuators have been developed and are in use; yet, their systematic coupling to cooperative multistage or, for instance, multistable microactuator systems is still outstanding. In microsystems technology, substantial developments are currently carried out in sensors and sensor systems. The coherent cooperation of different microactuators will enable innovative “smart” systems solutions building a bridge to the success of today’s sensor technology.

The objectives of this interdisciplinary Priority Programme are to demonstrate new theoretically founded concepts to understand the complex coupling and synergy effects in cooperative microactuator systems as well as novel methods for the design, fabrication and control of cooperative and/or multistage microactuator systems. The development of bi-/multistable mechanisms will be required.

Termin: 14.11.2018 (Registrierung bis 30.10.2018)
Adresse: DFG, Kennedyallee 40, 53175 Bonn
Kontakt: Dr.-Ing. Damian Dudek,  Tel.: +49 228 885-2573, damian.dudek@dfg.de, Ilona Frank, Tel.: +49 228 885-2973, ilona.frank@dfg.de
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