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Schwerpunktprogramm 1962: Non-Smooth and Complementarity-Based Distributed Parameter Systems: Simulation and Hierarchical Optimization

News vom 16.07.2018

Many of the most challenging problems in the applied sciences involve non-differentiable structures as well as partial differential operators, thus leading to non-smooth distributed parameter systems. The associated non-smoothness typically arises (i) directly in the problem formulation (through non-smooth energies/objectives or system components), (ii) through inequality constraints, nonlinear complementarity or switching systems, or (iii) as a result of competition and hierarchy, typically leading to multiobjective/hierarchical optimization or to quasi-variational inequality problems. In this context, the transition from smoothing or simulation based approaches to genuinely non-smooth techniques or to multi-objective respectively multi-level optimization are crucial. This motivates the research of the programme.

The goals of the Priority Programme are to

  • lay the analytical foundations (through, e.g., the advancement of non-smooth and set-valued analysis),
  • establish a basis for stable numerical approximation through the design of algorithms with mesh independent convergence,
  • address the influence of parameters, which enter the above-mentioned problems and which fall into a specified parameter range (uncertainty set).

Research areas:

Area 1. Modelling, problem analysis, algorithm design and convergence analysis.

Area 2. Realization of algorithms, adaptive discretization and model reduction.

Area 3. Incorporation of parameter dependencies and robustness.

Termin: 31.10.2018 (Registrierung bis 24.10.2018)
Adresse: DFG, Kennedyallee 40, 53175 Bonn
Kontakt: Dr. Frank Kiefer,Tel.: +49 228 885-2567, frank.kiefer@dfg.de, Birgit Weber, Tel.: +49 228 885-2751, birgit.weber@dfg.de
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