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Humboldt Research Fellowships at Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)

News vom 03.04.2018

The Humboldt Research Fellowships at BIH are aimed at recruiting scientists working abroad in the life sciences for guest stays at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), and its partners, the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC). The Humboldt Research Fellowships address either young (doctorate completed within the last four years) or already established early career scientists (doctorate completed within the last four to twelve years). Funding is to enable the Humboldt Research Fellows to conduct a long-term research project of their own choice at BIH.

The overarching funding objective is to strengthen BIH and the area of research it shares with Charité and MDC in certain research areas by specially providing qualified early career scientists and to support the internationalization of the life sciences and medical research in Berlin.

Termin: Applications can be submitted to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at any time
Adresse: Stiftung Charité, Karlplatz 7, 10117 Berlin
Kontakt: Dr. André Lottmann, Head of Science Funding, Tel.: 030/450 570 - 509,  lottmann@stiftung-charite.de
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