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Fondation Fyssen - Research Grants

News vom 18.02.2021

Research grants are intended to support either French or foreign post-doctoral researchers, with effective research experience of 3 to 10 years maximum after the defense of their thesis.

Already in a position’s holder, they will independently work establishing a research team to achieve a collective scientific project in a laboratory in France. This project needs to keep the Foundation’s goals. Researchers can also develop their project in a different laboratory from the one they obtained their doctorate (Ph.D.) or the one where they are working at present.

The research grant, for one year non renewable, could range from 15 000 to 100 000 euros.

Termin: 12.10.2021 (03.09.2021: Online application form)
Adresse: Secrétariat de la Fondation Fyssen, 194, Rue de Rivoli, F 75001 Paris
Kontakt: Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 97 53 16,  secretariat@fondation-fyssen.org  
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