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Marie Sklodowska-Curie EID "InPharma"

News vom 18.11.2020

InPharma is a MSCA European Industrial Doctorate programme offering a comprehensive training program addressing the challenges of developing emerging drug candidates into new licensed medicines, including innovative modeling and bio-predictive tools tailored to streamline the oral drug product development process.

InPharma brings together global pharmaceutical companies and leading research institutions together as a multi-sectorial team to deliver a unique research and training programme for 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) to complete their industrially based PhDs.

Each ESR position in InPharma allows the researcher to work towards a PhD at one of our five leading academic institutions. The ESRs will be recruited within 2021 for a duration of 36 months. Every ESR will work on an independent research project which will be flexible enough to match the competence and goals of the candidate.

Termin: 15.01.2021
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