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King Faisal Foundation - King Faisal International Prize

News vom 18.11.2020

The annual awards ceremony of the King Faisal Prize (KFP) is one of the most important events of the King Faisal Foundation. The Prize started with three branches; Service to Islam, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language and Literature. In awarding the Service to Islam prize, the selection committee recognizes individuals and institutions with outstanding records of service to Islam and Muslims, worldwide. For the Islamic studies, Arabic Language and Literature and Medicine prizes, the respective selection committees designate specific topics each year. Topics in Islamic Studies highlight areas of importance in Muslim society; Arabic Language and Literature topics relate to specialized areas within the discipline. Subjects in Medicine reflect current areas of international human health concern. The Science subcategories cover a broader scope: physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

Termin: 31.03.2021
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