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What Distinguishes Us

Freie Universität Berlin ranks near the top in all of the major German and international university rankings. Factors including considerably enhanced achievements have earned the university a lasting place among the top higher education institutions in the German-speaking countries.

With nine projects approved in the German Excellence Initiative, Freie Universität emerged as the most successful university in the competition during 2006 and 2007. During the second phase, in 2012 funds were committed through 2017 for the university’s future development concept “Veritas – Justitia – Libertas. International Network University” along with three clusters of excellence and seven graduate schools based at Freie Universität Berlin or with participation by Freie Universität.

The World in Concepts

Freie Universität Berlin and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have established a new cooperation / First joint workshop was recently held in Qatar

Mar 22, 2018

Networks in Latin America

The Liaison Office in São Paulo aims to support academic collaboration between Freie Universität and the universities and research centers in Brazil and other parts of Latin America.

May 02, 2016

Networks in North America

The New York liaison office supports and fosters Freie Universität Berlin’s close ties to partner institutions in the U.S. and Canada. It promotes Freie Universität Berlin as an outstanding place to study and do research and an institution with a strong international network.

Apr 18, 2016

Spring Campus

The first Spring Campus of the University Alliance for Sustainability on the topic “Connecting Communities for Sustainability: Do Universities Matter?” took place from April 11-15, 2016 at Freie Universität Berlin.

Mar 10, 2016

Networks in Europe

Freie Universität’s Liaison Office in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, brings researchers from the university together with representatives of European institutions. It also advises them about the European framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020.

Feb 03, 2016

Literary Studies

The Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School is the only graduate school focusing exclusively on literary studies that was successful in both phases of the national Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.

Dec 10, 2015

Academic Legal Training

The Department of Law at Freie Universität provides an outstanding education, preparing students for careers as judges, attourneys, or other legal professionals. Special focus is placed on the Europeanization of law and international networking.

Dec 09, 2015

Health and Aging

The DynAge Focus Area aims to gain fundamental insights into the origin and development of acute and chronic diseases across the lifespan. Age-related disease processes are studied from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

Sep 28, 2015

From Philosophy to Film

The Department of Philosophy and Humanities at Freie Universität focuses on the languages and literatures of Europe, the philosophy and culture of societies from antiquity to the present, and the academic study of theater, dance, music, and media.

Sep 17, 2015

Veterinary Education

The Department of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin is one of five institutions in Germany offering training for veterinarians. It is an internationally renowned center for veterinary services as well as for veterinary research.

Aug 20, 2015

Understanding Mechanisms

Gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders is the goal of the scientists involved in the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence at Charité, the medical school operated jointly by Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität.

Aug 04, 2015

Human Rights

"Human Rights under Pressure" (HR-UP) is an international doctoral and postdoctoral study and research training group under the joint auspices of Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Jul 16, 2015

Networks in the Middle East

The liaison office in Cairo aims to increase academic cooperation between Freie Universität and universities and research centers in Egypt and the Middle East. It highlights the university’s outstanding research in many fields including Middle Eastern Studies.

Jul 01, 2015

Technology of the Future

Within the NanoScale Focus Area researchers from the disciplines of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and physics work together to investigate the special properties of nanostructures and how such structures can be used.

Jun 22, 2015

Economics and Scholarship

The School of Business and Economics at Freie Universität combines business administration, economics, and information systems. It offers students a wide range of subjects and combinations, and its research meets top international standards.

Jun 22, 2015

Strategies against Cancer

The study of cancer and the development of new therapies is a prominent research focus of the Berlin School of Integrative Oncology at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the joint medical school of Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Jun 17, 2015

Teaching about North America

The John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies offers students an excellent academic education with a specialization on the United States and Canada. Courses and programs are offered in six disciplines: culture, literature, history, politics, sociology, and economics.

May 11, 2015

Mathematics in Berlin

Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) is a joint graduate school of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin. Its doctoral program attracts outstanding graduate students from around the world.

Apr 28, 2015

Teaching about Latin America

The Institute for Latin American Studies at Freie Universität is the largest of its kind in Germany, and it is also one of the largest such institutes in Europe. It has a reputation for combining specialized disciplines with regional studies.

Apr 13, 2015

Cooperation with Israel

In teaching, research, and professional development, Freie Universität works closely with universities in Israel, especially with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The cooperation covers all the disciplines offered at Freie Universität.

Apr 12, 2015