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Additional help and support

The State of Berlin has compiled general information on a special FAQ website at www.berlin.de/ukraine/faq/.

Ukrainian refugees who wish to apply for a humanitarian residence permit for temporary protection in Berlin can find detailed information about the process in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German at https://www.berlin.de/ukraine/en/arrive/online-application-temporary-residence-permit/. Please also note the information on Registering as a war refugee.

The Berlin-based refugee organization, Flüchtlingsrat Berlin, has a list of support services for refugees on their website.

The ProAsyl website provides a list of services available throughout Germany.

As of June 1, 2022, Ukrainian refugees must also purchase tickets if they wish to use public transport. We recommend that anyone using public transport in Berlin, Brandenburg, and throughout Germany during July and August should purchase a nine-euro ticket (the ticket is valid for one month on local/regional public transport).