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For those who want to support refugees

If you happen to have accommodations that you can offer to refugees who are connected to Freie Universität Berlin for free, then please fill out this form.

Freie Universität has set up an emergency fund for Ukraine using part of its annual budget set aside for ad hoc support measures.

  • Maybe you’d like to serve as an academic mentor, help people find opportunities for financial support, or perhaps you even have a position to fill. If you would like to help researchers who are refugees at Freie Universität, please contact helpdesk-ukraine@international.fu-berlin.de and let them know you are interested. 
  • The mentoring network, “Academics in Solidarity” is based at Freie Universität and helps at-risk researchers and researchers who are refugees connect with mentors in their fields from all around Germany. If you would like to contribute to the network or know of someone who would be a good mentor, please send an email to ais@fu-berlin.de