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For at-risk and refugee researchers

  • Freie Universität is offering financial support for researchers and scholars who have fled from Ukraine and have a connection to Freie Universität in the form of special grants for periods of tumultuous transition. Please send your specific request to helpdesk-ukraine@international.fu-berlin.de.
  • In some individual cases, Freie Universität can nominate people for national aid programs, such as the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. Please send your specific request to helpdesk-ukraine@international.fu-berlin.de.

Researchers and scholars who want to stay in Germany and establish professional contacts here can apply to the “Academics in Solidarity” program. The program connects you with mentors in your field, provides training opportunities and workshops, as well as small grants for research activities.

Here is a selection of funding programs for researchers who are refugees:

For a more extensive overview of different programs and support for researchers from Ukraine, please visit the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) website and the German-Ukrainian Academic Association’s website.

As the social security agreement between the European Union and Ukraine does not include health insurance, Ukrainian health insurance coverage does not apply in Germany. More information is available on the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin website.

Unfortunately, the university does not have any housing facilities of its own to offer refugees. The Accommodation Service at Freie Universität Berlin is currently trying to find private hosts for refugees who are being financially supported by Freie Universität Berlin.

Researchers from Russia are most certainly allowed to apply to positions at Freie Universität Berlin. We are well aware that the current situation is very difficult for you, and we are glad that you have decided to submit an application to Freie Universität.