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For students who are refugees, including prospective students

If you wish to commence your studies in the 2022/2023 winter semester, applications for the unrestricted bachelor’s programs are due by September 5, 2022. The application for the 2023 summer semester starts on 1 December 2022.

  • If you are registered as a student at Freie Universität (or as an auditor), you may take courses at our Language Center. They offer German language courses at a variety of levels.
  • Students who are refugees can take German language courses at Freie Universität Berlin in the winter semester. The registration form can be found here. Please note that registration is only possible until 5th of August.

Yes, in certain degree programs that is possible. You can find a list of degree programs taught in English on this website.

Depending on your secondary school exam results, you will have to have completed either one or two years of studies in Ukraine before you can apply to study at a German university. You can find more information here.

If this is not the case then you will first have to complete preparatory courses at the Studienkolleg.

If you were attending a Ukrainian secondary school last school year but were not able to graduate in 2022, you can still apply to study at Freie Universität Berlin. This opportunity is open to people who have been granted residency in Germany for temporary protection according to Section 24 of the Residence Act. Instead of submitting your secondary school leaving qualification, you can provide copies of your semester grades from eleventh grade and any other paperwork that documents your secondary school performance.

Please note that if you finished your secondary education upon completion of the eleventh grade, you cannot begin your studies directly. In this case you will need to attend the Studienkolleg preparatory course. In order to enroll in the preparatory course, your knowledge of German must be at the B2-level or higher.

Unfortunately, the university does not have any housing facilities of its own to offer refugees. However, you can apply for student housing through the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

Yes, anyone forced to leave Ukraine can contact the offices and support services mentioned here.

Please send an email to info-service@fu-berlin.de, and our staff there can help confirm that you spent time as a student at Freie Universität Berlin. If you completed your studies here, please contact the appropriate examination office in order to get a new copy of your certificate of completion.

We will continue to welcome applications for degree programs at Freie Universität from Russian students. We are well aware that the current situation is very difficult for you, and we are glad that you have decided to submit an application to Freie Universität.

As the social security agreement between the European Union and Ukraine does not include health insurance, Ukrainian health insurance coverage does not apply in Germany. More information is available on the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin website. 

  • Enrolled students can apply for financial support through the regular emergency funds provided by studierendenWERK BERLIN. Prospective and enrolled students can also contact studierendenWERK BERLIN’s Social Counseling Center to find out more about other financial support opportunities.
  • If you were in Ukraine when the war broke out and fled the country, your status as a war refugee entitles you to social benefits in Germany. That also covers education costs. You can also register as “seeking employment” and apply for scholarships. You can find more information about regular funding opportunities for students at Freie Universität here. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has put together an overview of financial support resources for students on its website