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Enrollment in PhD and doctoral programs (Promotion)

Enrollment into a PhD/doctoral program is possible within one month after the admission to the doctoral program has been issued. This enrollment application must be completed electronically (on the PC). Please send your completed and printed application for enrollment postal mail with the documents listed below.

If you were admitted to the PhD/doctoral program between July and December, you can apply for enrollment for a winter semester. If you received your admission between January and June, you can apply for enrollment for a summer semester.

1.    A copy of the current admissions notice (issued by the doctoral committee of the department).

2.    If applicable, confirmation of membership in a doctoral program of Dahlem Research School (DRS) issued by your program coordinators. For contact details see: DRS doctoral programs.

3.    A printout of your completed and signed enrollment application, if you are not yet enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin
Application to Change Programs, if you are already enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin and wish to change programs (points 4., 5., 6., 7., 8. generally do not apply).

4.    A copy of a valid form of identification (e. g., passport or ID) verifying your complete surname, first name, date of birth, address and expiration date.
You are permitted to black out sections that are irrelevant to the proof of your identity. The copy´s sole purpose is to verify your identity and to protect you from potential identity theft. Once your enrollment is completed this copy is immediately destroyed. The submission of a valid visa copy to universities is not necessary. Further information is available on the website of the Berlin Immigration Office.

5.    Copy of certificate of eligibility for university study (German university entrance qualification or equivalent), if applicable a copy of official translation

6.    If applicable, last enrollment certificate from a German university, stating the course of study and number of course and university semesters

7.    If applicable, a copy of your certificate of withdrawal from the student register (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) from your most recently attended German university.

8.    A copy of your earlier degrees or certificates, along with an official translation if your degrees or certificates were issued in any language other than German or English.

9.    If applicable, exemption from the semester ticket by the Student Records and Registration Office: Please enclose an informal application for exemption from the semester ticket during your standard enrollment period as PhD student. No particular form is required for this request. Please adjust your payment to exclude the contribution for semester ticket (see website regarding Fees and Contributions).

Note: If you do not wish to use the semester ticket, you can request an exemption in advance at the Student Records and Registration Office for your entire period of study at Freie Universitaet Berlin. Exemptions can only be granted before semester fees and contributions have been remitted.

10.    If applicable, notice of scholarship / stipend
Note: Foreign doctoral students within the framework of funding programs that are financed exclusively or predominantly by public funds from the German federal or state governments (for example, receive a scholarship from these funds), pay the semester fees and contributions without the administrative fee of €50.00. If this applies to you, please also submit the scholarship notification and make sure that the duration of the scholarship is indicated.

11.    A copy of your bank statement or transfer voucher including date of transfer; verifying the payment of €312.89* semester fees and contributions (including semester ticket fees). Payable to:

Recipient: Freie Universität Berlin
IBAN: DE45100708480513128908
Reference for transfer: PROMOTION surname, first name
(Please only use this reference as “reason for transfer.”)

Note: If you are transferring funds from abroad, please be sure to transfer the applicable bank fees as well.

*Amount without reductions (e.g. semester ticket exemption, exemption from fees due to scholarship)!

Once all requirements are met, including full payment confirmation of all applicable fees and contributions to the Freie Universität Berlin, your enrollment will be finalized.