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China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing

- Continuing education

School of Business and Economics
MBM - Mastering Business Markets
Prof. Dr. Andreas Eggert, Anna Gehring
Arnimallee 11
14195 Berlin

For admittance to the master’s program applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • An initial degree qualifying the student for entry into a profession or an equivalent degree.

  • Participants must prove a minimum of one year work experience in addition to their undergraduate or first degree.

In addition to the admission requirements English language skills, a letter of motivation and a potential interview will be considered.

Further information about admission requirements can be found on the website of the program.

Tuition fees currently total 22,000 Euro including general fees and dues, personal academic supervision and advising, accommodation during the seminars etc. (travel expenses are not included).

The China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing program conveys important Sino-European business know-how which you need for successfully marketing and selling goods or services to business customers in both markets: knowledge of marketing & sales from a European perspective, basics in strategy, management, intercultural and China/European studies, as well as doing business in China.

Fully taught in English, the China-Europe EMBM program is designed as a 16 months part-time distance study program with integrated on-site seminars in Berlin and China (e.g. Beijing).The highly-flexible curriculum offers you the opportunity to study in two of the respective continent’s most important capitals will enable you to enhance your management competences in Sino-European contexts, strengthen your cultural sensibility and leadership skills and help you to broaden your personal network with other top executives from Europe and China.

1st Semester Admissions
No admissions
Admission for Higher Semesters
No admissions
Program Start
Summer semester
Master of Business Marketing (MBM)
3 semesters

The China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing is a 16 months part-time, distance study program with integrated on-site seminars in Berlin and China (e.g. Beijing). Each of the five on-site seminars will last for one week (i.e. scheduled for five working days).

The on-site seminars take place at Freie Universität Berlin and e.g. Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Each of the five on-site seminars will last for one week (i.e. scheduled for five working days). During the seminars, you will attend lectures that introduce you to a particular topic. Following the presentations, you will have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Working in intercultural groups with other students, you will discuss and solve case studies on a topic that has been introduced in theoretical terms. Participants practice teamwork skills, tolerance, and persuasiveness during our seminars through project work, group work, and presentations. Case studies drawn from real-world practice are used to analyze actual market situations and develop concepts that can be used as possible solutions. The program also features a range of presentations by marketing and sales decision makers to ensure that the program content is relevant to real-world practice.

During the distance study phases you receive study material in regular intervals. The study material consists of textbooks, exercises, and written assignments, which you work through on your own. Each text contains a number of examples tying in with real-world practice. Your work on the written assignments can directly benefit your professional practice even before you have completed the study program. Your dedicated, personal study advisor offers you support during the distance study phases.


Modules of the Program

Compulsory Modules

Module 1

Understanding Business Markets and Marketing

Module 2

Understanding and Developing Programs for Business Markets

Module 3

Doing Business in China

Module 4

Intercultural Studies (China and European Studies)

Elective Modules (choose two of the following three modules)

Module 5

Business Relationship Management and Marketing

Module 6

Business Project Management and Marketing

Module 7

Developing Marketing Programs for Business Markets

Starting your study program