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Marc Schwietring, M.A.

Marc Schwietring, M.A. teaches a course on populism, nationalism and right-wing extremism.

He studied political science, sociology, social psychology and psychology in Hanover and Berlin and wrote an MA thesis on the subject of ‘coming to terms with the past’ and right-wing extremism in Germany.

Since 2009, he has worked as research assistant at various universities and in third party founded projects on the topics of prevention of right-wing extremism and intercultural and interreligious dialogue. Most recently, he was research associate at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Presently he has a doctorate scholarship from the Hans Böckler Foundation for his PhD thesis on tthe NSU (National Socialist Underground) trial at Munich Higher Regional Court.

His research focuses on right-wing extremism and antisemitism, Germany’s political culture, political psychology and social psychology.