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Application for the First Subject-specific Semester within the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)

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Freie Universität Berlin participates in the service procedure DoSV with the following courses of study:

Arabistik, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Bildungs- und Erziehungswissenschaft, Biochemie, Bioinformatik, Biologie, Chemie, Geographische Wissenschaften, Informatik, Japanstudien, Koreastudien, Medieninformatik, Pferdewissenschaft, Politikwissenschaft, Psychologie, Rechtswissenschaft, Volkswirtschaftslehre

If you are interested in one of the aforementioned courses of study, you start with registration at hochschulstart.

Please use the check list including procedure information provided by hochschulstart.

More than one registration is not permitted. Please note that you can use your user account that has been created during the registration also in future procedures. For registration, please enter your personal data. Then you will receive an applicant ID (BID) and an authentification number (BAN). Both are necessary to fill out the online application form. 

After making your application you can view the status of your application and offers of admission from the universities in your user account in the application portal of hochschulstart.de. Here you will also find your notice of admission, in case you have accepted an admission offer, or rejection notices after the procedure has ended. Please print your notice and take notice of the given information.

Within the dialogue-oriented service procedure there are several portals with different logins for registration, application as well as other functions to use. A range of all functions of the portals you will find here „Bewerbungsportale DoSV" (pdf).


After having received a BID and BAN by hochschulstart, you need to set up an account for the “FU Bewerbungsportal für DoSV Studiengänge” via the link at the bottom of this page. When you log in, you can start creating an application via the button “Bewerbung starten” and you can submit it online via the button “Abgeben” within the application deadline

Please do not send us any documents or the application form by mail /e-mail unless you belong to one of the following application groups:
application groupdocuments
Documents to be submitted by post after online application for the following application groups:
applicants submitting a special request (Härtefall, Antrag auf Verbesserung der Durchschnittsnote, Antrag auf Verbesserung der Wartezeit)
applicants with professional qualifications please see the website on detailed information about the required documents
preferential admission officially certified copy of your service certificate or original proof of your period of service and simple copy of your earlier notice of admission at FU Berlin
Documents to be submitted by e-mail (zulassung@fu-berlin.de) after online application stating the application number in the subject line for the following applicant groups:
applicants for a second course of study
  • a simple copy of your earlier degree or certificate earned in Germany (with final grade) and written statement why a second degree is needed regarding all study subjects
applicants belonging to an Olympiakader, Perspektivkader, Ergänzungskader, Nachwuchskader 1, Nachwuchskader 2 or Paralympicskader squad, built on federal level, belonging to a federal association of the DOSB and catered by an Olympic Traning Center (OSP) in Berlin or Brandenburg current proof of squad-membership issued by the professional association (Fachverband) (simple copy)
applicants are enrolled at the Freie Universität Berlin and have completed the Studienkolleg (preparatory course) of Freie Universität Berlin this year
  • certified copy of the assessment exam
  • current certificate of enrollment at Freie Universität

Only applicants belonging to one of these application groups have to send the signed application form plus the required documents (see application form) within the deadline via mail / e-mail to Freie Universität Berlin. 

If you are a minor until 15.01. / 15.07. and you live with someone who has custody of you in Berlin or Brandenburg, your application is automatically listed within the quota for minors (matching of date of birth and postal code of registration address).  In case you are admitted, you have to submit a registration certificate proving the afore-stated for enrollment. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for the registration certificate immediately after submitting your application.

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