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Application period

All of the stated deadlines are exclusion periods specified by law. For all applications for which an application for admission and supporting documents have to be submitted, the complete application must be received in the required form at the relevant location (higher education institution, uni-assist, or Hochschulstart) by 11:59 p.m. on the due date. The date and time stamped on the documents when received by the recipient is the operative factor, not the postmark date.

1. Application deadlines for the following selection procedures:

  • for internal higher education institution procedures for allocation of placements in the first and higher subject-specific semesters (all applicants)
  • the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DOSV) (all applicants)
  • pharmacy and veterinary medicine for the first subject-specific semester for non-EU and non-EEA applicants
  • pharmacy and veterinary medicine for higher subject-specific semesters (all applicants)

for the winter semester: first business day in June until July 15

for the summer semester: first business day in December until January 15

2. Application deadlines for study programs with nationwide limitations on admissions ("Hochschulstart"):

These deadlines apply only to applications for the first subject-specific semester by applicants from an EU member state, by international students with German university entrance qualifications - regardless of nationality (Bildungsinländer) and by citizens of countries that are signatories to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), but are not members of the European Union (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway).

for the winter semester:

  • May 31 of the year in progress for those who have earned their higher education entrance qualification* prior to January 16 of that year and wish to apply through hochschulstart.de (termed “Alt-Abiturienten”)
  • July 15 of the year in progress for the “new” applicants who earn their higher education entrance qualification* after January 16 of the year in progress (termed “Neu-Abiturienten”).

Higher education entrance qualification: for a second study program = date of degree in first study program / for those with professional qualifications in group 3 = entrance examination

for the summer semester:
January 15 for all applicants

3. Registration deadlines for study programs without restricted admission capacity internally within Freie Universität Berlin:

For the registration and enrollment deadlines for single-subject (“mono”) bachelor's degree programs without resticted admission capacity, please see the academic calendar.

4. Application deadlines for lottery procedure:

  • for the winter semester: September 10 – September 14

  • for the summer semester: March 8 – March 12

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