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Information for Refugees

Freie Universität Berlin supports refugees, who are interested in university studies. The Welcome@FUBerlin program provides various offers for refugees as a help and preparation for their studies. 

Applying for the Welcome@FUBerlin program

Information on the program as well as the registration for it you can find on the website of Welcome@FUBerlin.

Preliminary evaluation of certificates

Freie Universität Berlin has charged uni-assist with the preliminary evaluation of international certificates. Please inform yourself on the website of uni-assist about the free evaluation procedure for refugees. For the evaluation of your documents free of charge, you need a university’s attestation. The free certificate evaluation is also possible after having taken the TestAS.

Refugees wishing to apply for a regular study program can receive the university’s attestation after having taken part in a consultation at the Center for Academic Advising (Allgemeine Studienberatung) of Freie Universität Berlin. Please attend the consultation hour for the Welcome@FUBerlin program first.

During the evaluation procedure, it is decided whether you can start with the study program directly or whether you need to attend the preparatory course (Studienkolleg) first. You can check your university entrance qualification in advance on the Anabin database (in German) or under the DAAD (in English).

Even if you cannot provide all the documents that are required or any documents stating your higher education entrance qualification due to the escape, please apply of uni-assist. When uni-assist evaluated your application and noticed that documents are missing, they will send you a self-disclosure form, which you must complete and return. Before you can start with a study program, you possibly need to pass the Assessment Exam (Feststellungsprüfung) at the Studienkolleg.

Applying for a regular study program

Please inform yourself on our websites about the application for a regular study program: Bachelor / Master

Further information

The following documents need to be submitted for enrollment:

  • Health insurance: In order to enroll a proof of health insurance for the university or a copy of exemption from compulsory coverage from a German statutory health insurance provider has to be submitted. Presenting the chip card or member ID is not sufficient.
  • Fees: Fees and contributions must be paid in full at first. Applicants can seek assistance with the semester ticket transportation pass (Semesterticket) via the Social Fund through the Semester Ticket Office (Semesterticketbüro). A hardship application can be filed with the AStA student union to cover AStA contributions, giving the applicant permanent exemption from these charges.
  • The Studierendenwerk Berlin has launched an aid program for the starting phase that offers refugees up to € 1000 in assistance to overcome financial barriers during the application and enrollment process.

Refugees seeking advice in addition to the information on the webpages of Freie Universität Berlin are welcome to contact the Student Services Center (Studierenden-Service-Center) of Freie Universität Berlin. You also can visit the consultation hour for the Welcome@FUBerlin program.

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