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Studienkolleg Preparatory Courses

The Studienkolleg at Freie Universität is a year-long course for refugees that aims to prepare for a successful enrollment in a degree program at the university later on. Starting with the fall/winter semester, we are offering classes in the natural and life sciences, humanities, and economics along with integrated German language classes at the B2/C1 level.

Target Group

  • The classes are aimed at applicants with direct and indirect higher education entrance qualification who have German language skills equivalent to having passed the B1 level or better.
  • Direct general higher education entrance qualification: International applicants whose secondary school leaving certificate is equivalent to the German Abitur may apply directly for admission to a full degree program in Germany. As a rule, this is also true of applicants who have already earned an initial degree (e.g., bachelor) from an accredited higher education institution abroad.
  • Indirect higher education entrance qualification: International applicants whose school leaving certificate is not equivalent to the German Abitur may still be eligible for higher education entrance in Germany if they fulfill one of the two following preconditions:
    • In addition to your school leaving certificate, you provide evidence of having attended an accredited higher education institution abroad. The necessary length of your studies abroad depends on what kind of school leaving certificate you have.
    • In addition to your school leaving certificate, you take a one-year preparatory course at a Studienkolleg in Germany and pass the assessment examination.

Goals of the Studienkolleg

The goals of the year-long program are to enable applicants to meet the requirements for passing the German language examination required for admission to a German university in addition to facilitating the students' studying in Germany by preparing them for a specific subject area both with regard to the language requirements for the field and with regard to the background knowledge needed to successfully start the degree program in a certain field. Consistent attendance and participation are expected from students.


25 hours per week:

  • 15 hours per week: German as a foreign language
  • 10 hours per week: subject-specific classes in the field the applicant wishes to study


  • 2 semesters:
  • 2019/20 fall/winter semester: mid-September until the end of January 2020
  • 2020 spring semester: February 2020 through June 2020

Class Times and Location

  • Class times: Monday through Friday, daily 4-6 hours
  • Class location: Lankwitz Campus, Freie Universität Berlin (Malteserstr. 74-100 in 12249 Berlin, Building L)


Since we assume that the number of applicants will be far higher than the number of places available we strongly recommend early bird registration. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. In addition a mandatory language test will be held in August. The invitation will be sent by email. A minimum result of A2 is required to participate in the language courses. For preparatory classes in the Studienkolleg a B1 result is necessary. The language tests are mandatory. There will only be one repeat appointment for excused absence.