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Independant Language Learning Center and Tandem Language Partnership Program

The Independent Language Learning Center

The Independent Language Learning Center (Selbstlernzentrum, SLZ) is a center that offers learning materials and resources for 27 languages. It has a huge collection of materials for German as a foreign language, for English, and for other languages: course books, software, movies, audiobooks, grammar books and worksheets, resources for different skills (pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking).

The  Independent Language Learning Center website offers a collections of links for learning languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese), a learning-to-learn-a-language section, and a tandem section, with an online registration form for a language partnership.

The  Independent Language Learning Center is open to all students as well as adults / non-students and can be accessed either individually or in a group. No registration is needed.

The  Independent Language Learning Center also offers a language advising service for self-directed learning: in individual sessions with an advisor, learners can define their learning goals, choose appropriate materials, and reflect on appropriate learning strategies.

Collection of links or German beginners

The Tandem Program (Language Partnership)

A tandem partnership is based on mutual language exchange between tandem partners (ideally each learner is a native speaker in the language the other wants to learn). It is a lively and authentic way to learn a new language and practice speaking it. The tandem partners meet regularly to speak each other's language.

In general the tandem partners meet once a week. What they actually do (e.g., view a film together, carry on a conversation, work on exercises from textbooks) as well as the topics they discuss (e.g., current events, mutual interests or hobbies, everyday life at the university) is entirely up to them. However, there are many ideas and suggestions on our website as well as in the self-study center.

Our tandem program is open to anyone interested in lively and open language exchange. The only requirement for participation is the willingness to help another person learn your mother tongue and to learn from the other person according to the respective needs. Previous knowledge of the target language is desirable, but not essential.

The program is cross language, which means that every language can be offered. In the online registration form, participants are asked to insert personal data, language level, one’s interests and goals, and on the basis of this registration the tandem team of the self-study center try to match each participant with a suitable tandem partner. In order to register, you need to have an email account.

There is a good probability of finding a tandem partner, but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a partner for every applicant. It is always a question of matching supply and demand. During the last winter semester, we received about 1,700 registrations for the program, and we were able to find a language partner for 70% of them.

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