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Frequently Asked Questions

The training and study offerings are aimed at refugees who wish to continue or start a degree program. The goal is to prepare them for a regular degree program at Freie Universität Berlin (and with certain restrictions, at other cooperating universities in Berlin).

The basic requirement is a first registration (temporary resident permit, BÜMA) with residence in Berlin or Brandenburg. Candidates are also required to prove that in their home country, they meet the qualification requirements for a higher education program (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung) in order to participate.

Questions about studying at Freie Universität Berlin may be answered by staff at the "Info-Service Studium" at Freie Universität Berlin.

To attend lectures or seminars, it is necessary to prove that you have adequate basic German or English language skills, depending on the language in which the course is taught (at least B1 level is recommended). The general requirements for participation need to be fulfilled. Generally, attending lectures and seminars is only granted in arrangement with the lecturer.

Beginner German classes (A1 to B1) will be offered again as of the 2016/2017 winter semester. Participants are strongly advised to have their Higher Education Entrance Qualification (HZB) verified during the courses. Online registration for German courses starting September 2016 is now open until the 31st of August 2016.

Since the 2016 summer semester, participants in selected courses can earn formal certificates of credit for coursework within a limited scope. It may be possible to have these credits applied toward a later study program. The possibilites and conditions can be discussed in a personal consultation with a contact person in the relevant academic department. In any regard, a consultation with the lecturer will be necessary.

No. The Welcome program only serves to prepare you for a regular study program. To be able to start a regular study program, you have to apply and prove that you meet the relevant requirements.

For requirements, please consult the website of Student Admissions.

Registration is usually done on a rolling basis, but please note that some parts of the program have their own deadlines for application. The application for German- and Studienkolleg courses ends on 31.05.2017. You can use the online form to apply.