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WG Classic / Comfort

Private Room in Shared Apartment "WG Classic/Comfort"


  • Furnished single room in shared apartment (up to five tenants): 10-13 sqm in size
  • Equipped communal kitchen
  • Internet: The student village does provide Wi-Fi via eduroam. Students have access to the Wi-Fi network with their personal user name, which will be provided by FU Berlin after enrollment.
  • Duvet, cushions, bedding, blinds
  • TV in communal room
  • Category "WG Classic": three to four tenants share two bathrooms/showers
  • Category "WG Comfort": two to three tenants share one or two bathrooms/showers


Monthly Rent:

  • 441.97 EUR / month. The rent increases by 1,5% every 01. March.