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The Student Hotel

The spacious hotel room with a private bathroom and a shared kitchen offers you access to fast internet, a gym, a library and a study room as well as chill out areas and access to a designer trademark bike. Staying at The Student Hotel will also give you access to a games room, an outdoor area and events and programs all year around. Additional perks are: free unlimited laundry, monthly change of bedlinen and towels, 3 free nights at any other TSH hotel in Europe, 1 free parents’ night at TSH Berlin, plus access to Skillshare.


Alexanderstraße 40, 10179 Berlin

Surrounding Area:

  • District: Alexanderplatz
  • Lively district with numerous shops, bars and restaurants (cultural hotspot in Berlin)
  • Proximity to Freie Universität Berlin: 50 minutes with public transport
  • Several public transport facilities nearby (a central location for public transportation)

 Utilities and Equipment:

  • Hotel room with private bathroom equipped with queen sized bed, wardrobe, study table, flat screen TV and a shared kitchen.
  • Library and study areas, silent room and games room, outdoor Cinema, Gym, bar and restaurant and chill out area.
  • High-speed Internet included
  • Free unlimited laundry.
  • Front-desk and 24/7security
  • Access to a designer trademark bike
  • Optional Breakfast and Meal Plan and optional events program
  • In response to Corona situation TSH introduces: a wellbeing programme & mentor, hotline for immediate counselling, 12 month membership on online platform skillshare.com.
Rental Conditions and Reservation

There is a certain room capacity agreed upon between the ERG Universitätsservice GmbH and The Student Hotel with discounted price rates. These rooms are assigned on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Any communication regarding application procedures and rental conditions take place between you and The Student Hotel.


International exchange and program students of Freie Universität Berlin and enrolled international PhD students.


Please reserve a room only after the start of the registration period (08.12.2020 – 11 am CET). Reservations made before this date will not be considered.    

Here is a step by step guide about how to book a room in the awesome brand new TSH Berlin, with the Group Code that we have active for you:

Ready to book?

1. Go to TSH website: TSH Berlin

2. Click on Check Availability & Prices.

3. Select GERMANY and BERLIN.

4. Go to INSERT GROUP CODE and enter your code

  • For a 6 month stay: SEM-FUB6M-2021
  • For a 5 month stay: SEM-FUB5M-2021

5. Press check and continue.

6. Tada! Select the room, fill in the information and follow the reservation process.

7. Send an email to The Student Hotel at berlin@thestudenthotel.com including the following documents, so that they can verify your eligibility:

  • a copy of your valid identity card / passport
  • your acceptance letter to Freie Universität Berlin

Please inform yourself in detail about the rental conditions on the website of The Student Hotel before you register or contact The Student Hotel directly: berlin@thestudenthotel.com.

Rent and deposit

The monthly rent depends on the length of stay and semester:

Rent for the summer semester with special FU Rate:

  • 779 EUR per month in case of a 5 month stay - standard queen room
  • 763 EUR per month in case of a 6 month stay – standard queen room

The Student Hotel will charge a deposit equal to one month's rent.

Rental Period

The minimum rental period is 5 months, the maximum rental period is 12 months. Extensions beyond the period of 12 months are not possible. However, guests may return to The Student Hotel 12 months after their checkout date.

The following rental periods are available for the summer semester 2021

  • 01 April 2020 - 31 August 2021
  •  01 April 2020 - 30 September 2021