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What are the Quarantine Regulations at the Studentendorf Schlachtensee

May I move in?

1.a.       If I am NOT coming from a risk area and did NOT spend time in a risk area up to 14 days before my arrival:

yes, you can move into your room immediately. Quarantine is not necessary in this case.

What “traveling from a risk area” means is described in more detail on the following website.

Please verify carefully, shortly before traveling, if you are coming from a risk area as the list including the so-called risk areas might change on a daily basis:



(website is in German, see English archive at the bottom of the page).


1.b.         If I am coming from a risk area or spend time in a risk area up to 14 days before my arrival:

If you present the residence administration with a negative coronavirus test result, you can move into your room immediately. A 10-day quarantine is mandatory in this case. You can end your quarantine period early, if you provide the administration with a negative coronavirus test result, carried out at least five days after your arrival.

Please note: the test must be carried out in a member state of the European Union or a country that is listed here https://www.rki.de/covid-19-tests by the Robert Koch Institute. If, when entering the country, you already carry with you a test result, to be valid the test may not have been conducted more than 48 hours prior to entry. The test certificate must be written in German or English.

Information about acceptable types of tests can be found here: https://www.rki.de/covid-19-tests (English version at the bottom of the page).

Test centers are set up at Berlin airports, the Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) and at the Central Bus Station (ZOB), which can be used by those arriving from risk areas.

Until the test result is available, which according to media reports should be within 48 hours, you will have to move to a “quarantine-suitable accommodation”. With regard to the 2-day waiting period for the test result, quarantine is also possible at a hotel or an apartment. According to the local government of Berlin, campsites, youth hostels, and all other accommodations in which guests share amenities, are not suitable for quarantine.

Daily updated information for travellers to Berlin can be found on the following website https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus/current-information-for-travellers.html. The Robert Koch Institute can also be considered a good and reliable source.


Can I spend the quarantine in the dormitory of Studentendorf Schlachtensee?

Yes, but please note that you must stay in your room the entire quarantine period. Consult your flatmates to arrange a timetable for the use of the bathroom and the kitchen, so as to minimize contact and risk of spread. This is highly crucial to ensure the protection of the other residents as well as our staff.

If you should be placed in quarantine due to entry regulations, the residence administration needs this information before you move in.

We like to point out that you yourself are responsible for complying with the quarantine regulations.

The risk areas are defined by the Federal Government and published by the Robert Koch Institute: www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html.