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Consultations, Coaching, Introductions

Are you looking for literature concerning the United Nations or the European Union and having difficulties finding what you need? Would you like to optimize the search strategies you use in the UN and EU databases?

We would like to assist you.

We give advice to students, teachers and researchers for all kinds of projects, for instance, doctoral projects. We look forward to your visit or your telephone call. We also offer group introductions to topics connected to the United Nations and the European Union and to the use of the relevant databases.

Do you have  particular questions concerning UN and EU topics that you are investigating? We will gladly coach you individually and respond specifically to your needs.

Please comlete our contact form; we will get back to you straight away.


Hints for your literature search covering information provided by international institutions: Searching sources produced by international institutions and finding specialized literature in all areas where international institutions are involved

European Union – directives, regulations, rulings? Search in sources and find specialized literatur on EU topics

Individual literature-search hints for finding original documents and specialized literatur in all areas where the United Nation is involved


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