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New Scale of Library Fees

News from Oct 26, 2017

New Regulations Concerning Fees at Freie Universität Libraries (text in German) will come into force on 1 November 2017.

Please take particular note of the changes for overdue fees (section 1) and legal claims (section 2).

If items are not returned by the due date, users will be sent overdue notices. Overdue notices involve fees, as follows:

1st overdue notice: € 2 per item,
2nd overdue notice: € 5 plus € 2 for the 1st overdue notice = € 7,
3rd overdue notice: € 10 plus € 7 for the 1st and 2nd overdue notices = € 17.

If the payment is not made after the third overdue notice, a legal claim will be issued. The fee for the issue of the legal claim is € 20.

Third overdue notice and legal claim are sent by registered mail with proof of delivery or through another form of delivery.

Payment of overdue fees and fees for legal claims are due immediately. Overdue notices are issued in regular intervals.

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