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Service Modalities as of 4 January 2017

In the transition to the new library management system (Alma), the Freie Universität Berlin libraries have harmonized their service and loan modalities.

Summary of Service and Loan Modalities as of 4 January 2017

  1. Freie Universität Berlin students log in to the library portal Primo and to thin clients at the Freie Universität libraries with their FU Account / ZEDAT Account.
  2. For Freie Universität students, only official FU Account e-mail addresses will be accepted.
  3. All notifications issued through the library management system (except for third dunning notices) will be sent out as e-mails only.
  4. Over-due notices will be sent out immediately after the end of the loan period.
  5. The loan period for items from textbook collections is two weeks at all Freie Universität libraries. Hold requests will be possible if all copies of a work are taken out. Extensions will be possible, unless there are hold requests.
  6. The maximum number of simultaneous loans per library has also been unified.
  7. Fees and fines can be paid at any library (except at the Meteorology Library) no matter at which library they were triggered.
  8. When outstanding fees and fines reach 10 Euros, user accounts will be blocked.