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Fees and Fines

Use of the Library, including loan and access to materials on  site, is free of charge.

Fees are charged in accordance with the Regulations Concerning Fees at Freie Universität Libraries.

Overdue Fees

If books are not returned by the due date, users will be sent overdue notices. Overdue notices involve fees, as follows:

1st overdue notice: € 2 per item,
2nd overdue notice: € 5 plus € 2 for the 1st overdue notice = € 7,
3rd overdue notice: € 10 plus € 7 for the 1st and 2nd overdue notices = € 17.

The third overdue notice is sent by registered mail with proof of delivery or through another form of delivery.

Fees are due as soon as the overdue notice is issued. Overdue notices are issued at regular intervals.

If payment is not made after the third overdue notice, a legal claim will be issued. The fee for the issue of the legal claim is € 20. Legal claims are sent by registered mail with proof of delivery or through another form of delivery.

Fee for Interlibrary Loans

FU students and external users, individual and institutional, are charged € 1.50 for each delivered item.

Suspension of Accounts

When due fees and fines reach € 10, the library account will be temporarily blocked.

Cash payments

Fees can be paid in cash at any Freie Universität library circulation desk, except at the Meteorology Library, regardless of which library they are due to.

Bank Transfers

Payments of fees and fines to all Freie Universität libraries can be made by transfer to the following account. But please note that it takes several days before the libraries are informed of payments and can reactivate blocked accounts.

Berliner Bank, Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank
IBAN: DE67 1007 0848 051 3128 900
Swift Code (BIC): DEUTDEDB110
Payment reference ("Verwendungszweck"): 011/58
Library User Number (absolutely required)

Pay Station

Library fees, which may arise, for example, from overdue notices or for interlibrary-loan services, can easily and quickly be paid at the pay station at the University Library or any other of the pay stations on FU premises. Payment can be made by girocard or cash. Pay stations also allow payment of tuition fees with "HESS" cards. Please note that pay stations do not allow payment with other cards, such as the MensaCard.