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Dr. Christine Reuter


Innovation Manager

Christine supports researchers at the “fuzzy frontend of innovation” on their way to transfer research into an application. She is the first point of contact for researchers from the institutes of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and psychology.

Depending on the maturity of the technology and personal life plan of the researcher, different opportunities and ways of support will be identified:

- Personal development (in preparation for possible spin-offs)

- Application-oriented third-party funding

- Validation of own technology

- Patenting - invention consulting

- Spin-off


Christine’s Background

After studying biochemistry at Imperial College, London, Christine did her PhD on tuberculosis at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin.

Christine then founded and managed several companies - including a health website (renamed Onmeda.de), a school chain with school management software (Phorms Management AG) and several companies for DNA diagnostics in the agricultural sector.

Christine is happy to share her experience gained in these very different industries with researchers who are thinking about moving from basic research to applied research within industry collaborations or a spin-off.


Email:                   christine.reuter@fu-berlin.de

Phone:                 +49 30 838 63152


Working days: Full time, Monday -Friday

science and startups
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